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I generally go by Bunny or Charlie. Feel free to call me either or. Ask me things! Here are some things I like to talk about; Disney movies, sexuality, gender identity, nature, cuddling/hugging, romantic and platonic relationships, being artistic, being body-positive, learning, and growing. I'm open to talking about basically anything, serious or deep, or goofy and entertaining.

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(yelling) gay (normal voice) lesbian (muttering) bi….. sexual……. (confused whispering) tr…………… tran…….. trans……………………………………… (booming voice in the background) STRAIGHT  ALLIES

This sums up representation of LGBT pretty damn well

(sign language) pansexual (morse code beeps) asexual

(Ancient language of the elder gods) Nonbinary

(smoke signals) aromantic 

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i was unschooled and i work at a high school. i’m really good at my job. huh.

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when i’m trying to keep a straight face but the kids are fucking hilarious

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Back from the Farmer’s Market


Back from the Farmer’s Market

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long story short I printed out 25 copies of a 3 page paper packet at work but accidentally somehow NOT ON PURPOSE they came out completely blank. but stapled.

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me back when I had my priorities sorted out


me back when I had my priorities sorted out

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"miss, he stole my waffle and bit me in the neck!"

these kids are like 15 years old
and this actually happened

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